XAVIES’ Granola.

Xavie Battel - founder.

“XAVIES’ Granola is my passion. A passion that starts with a selection of high quality ingredients and an artisanal baking process. A passion that ends with a delicious breakfast full of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

My goal is to provide the world with fresh, healthy, handmade breakfast products. I only use high quality ingredients in their natural form. No additives, no artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Just whole grains, seeds, nuts, spices and flavourful extras.

Add XAVIES’ Granola to a yogurt bowl with fresh fruit, or sprinkle it on top of your smoothie, açai bowl or healthy pancakes.”


XAVIES’ Granovie.

Our signature breakfast range - ‘XAVIES’ Granovie’ - consists of 6 tasty granola’s. Each type of granola has a crunchy base of oats and spelt, mixed with seeds and a secret spice blend. This base is then baked in the oven with a drizzle of agave syrup until golden. Different tasty extras like toasted nuts, freeze-dried strawberries, dark chocolate chips, coconut flakes etc. are added to the base once it’s had time to cool down. Each granola is then packed by hand, ready to be transported to our customers.

0% added sugars

XAVIES’ Pure Toasted.

Our ‘Pure Toasted’ range consists of 3 deliciously versatile, no-added-sugar granolas. These 3 granolas are full of flavor and can be enjoyed either for breakfast, as a nutritious ingredient in baked goods or as a topping for savory meals like soup, salads and grilled veggies.

Sandra Bekkari

The healthiest collab

Together with Sandra Bekkari, well-known in Belgium for her books ‘Nooit meer diëten’, Xavie created 3 unique granolas. Real flavor bombs that will leave you feeling satisfied. We have a 0% sugar added granola, one with <5% sugar and a savory one that is very nice on salads or grilled veggies.

Granola Bites

Are you looking for a unique and healthy snack?

Xavie has the answer! These innovative Granola Bites are the perfect snack to take with you wherever you go. Available in 3 different flavours.

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